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@ -1,59 +0,0 @@
pandoc -t json --ipynb-output=best 2_NumTypes.ipynb |jq
pandoc -t html --ipynb-output=all --lua-filter=ansi2html.lua -s --katex 2_NumTypes.ipynb > aaa.html
quarto commit:
my quarto discussion:
my pandoc discussion:
nbconvert filter:
ansi2html lib:
pandoc commit ipynb-output-option
pandoc commit remove ansi escapes
A filter example:
pandoc -t native --ipynb-output=all --lua-filter=ansi2html.lua 2_NumTypes.ipynb -o kkk
ANSI codes
check (esp. Latex) documenter.jl,
@example blocks support colored text output by mapping ANSI escape codes to HTML.
-- nothing for latex
jupyter nbconvert,
html: prima
latex mit juliamono: sind noch undef. escapesequencen drinne
\begin{tcolorbox}[breakable, size=fbox, boxrule=1pt, pad at break*=1mm, colback=cellbackground, colframe=cellborder]
sieht so aus, als wären da newlines reingekommen (vor der ascii-auswertung)
eliminate newline for esc??
newest quarto