LaTeX style for Leipzig University 'official' letters
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\usepackage[ngerman]{babel} % change language here
\usepackage[utf8]{inputenc} % whatever input encoding you use
\usepackage[math]{blindtext} % remove this line
% (unless you need \blindtext)
% This text will appear in the top right corner, below
% Fakultaet and Institut
\setkomavar{fromname}{Dr. Meik Hellmund}
% This text is used at the end of the letter
\setkomavar{signature}{Meik Hellmund}
% your e-mail, phone, fax for the right column
% subject line/Betreff-Zeile
\setkomavar{subject}{Meine Anfrage vom 11.11.}
\begin{letter}{Frau Prof. Miriam Meier\\
Mathematisches Institut\\
Uni Woanders\\
23456 Woanders}
\opening{Sehr geehrte Frau Professor Meier,}
\closing{Mit freundlichen Grüßen}
% Anlagen
\encl{22 Aufkleber\\
11 Kaubonbons}
% Note:
% you have to "latex" this twice, since the page numbers are of the
% form "1|3", "2|3", "3|3" and the "|3" is only known after the
% first latex run
% -----------------------------------EOF----------------------------