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@ -28,14 +28,22 @@ In order to select preferred browser, customize
`M-x customize-option` -> `browse-url-browser-function` option.
Select your browser from `Value menu`. If it's not there, follow [EmacsWiki: Browse Url](http://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/BrowseUrl).
## Theme
## Stylesheets
Default theme for preview is [Solarized-dark](http://thomasf.github.io/solarized-css/)
In order to change preview styling, run `M-x customize-option` -> `markdown-preview-style`
and specify a URL to your favourite markdown css file.
Extra css are added with:
## Client javascript
(add-to-list 'markdown-preview-stylesheets "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/richleland/pygments-css/master/emacs.css")
Override theme completely with:
(setq markdown-preview-stylesheets (list "http://thomasf.github.io/solarized-css/solarized-light.min.css"))
## Extra javascript
If you'd like to include additional javascript for the preview, add this to your init: