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@ -34,14 +34,22 @@ Markdown preview in emacs features:
* `customize-option markdown-preview-host` - change http/websocket server address.
* `customize-option markdown-preview-ws-port` - change websocket server port.
* `customize-option markdown-preview-http-port` - change http server port.
* `customize-option markdown-preview-auto-open` - change the way preview window is open.
## Remote access
* Set `markdown-preview-auto-open` to `nil` to disable window opening at remote emacs server.
* Start `markdown-preview-mode`. Http link for preview will be printed to *Messages*. If not - run `markdown-preview-open-browser` to get the link printed.
* Setup 2 tunnels for `` and `` and then open preview link in local browser. Adjust tunnels according to your custom `ws-port` and `http-port` settings.
## Extra css
### Add extra css to default solarized dark theme
(add-to-list 'markdown-preview-stylesheets "")
### Override theme completely with
### Override theme completely
(setq markdown-preview-stylesheets (list ""))