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Markdown preview mode
[![MELPA Stable](](
> **Markdown realtime preview minor mode**
## Description
Opens a preview in a browser, updated upon buffer save.
Same preview window is valid across multiple markdown buffers.
Scrolls browser window to keep your editing position visible.
## Dependencies
* [markdown-mode.el](
* [websocket.el](
Makes use of `markdown-mode`, which already can transform markdown into html
and `websocket.el` to deliver html to browser.
## Usage
`M-x markdown-preview-mode` will open preview in a browser and will start `markdown-mode` if it's not yet running for current buffer. If you've closed the preview window, you can start it over with `M-x markdown-preview-open-browser`. All websockets will be cleaned up on emacs termination. If you'd like to perform cleanup manually run `M-x markdown-preview-cleanup`.
## Multimarkdown
In order to enable multimarkdown support, customize
`M-x customize-option` -> `markdown-command` variable.
Look for `Markdown Command` which is set to `markdown` by default,
set to `multimarkdown` and make sure it's in your PATH.
## Browser
In order to select preferred browser, customize
`M-x customize-option` -> `browse-url-browser-function` option.
Select your browser from `Value menu`. If it's not there, follow [EmacsWiki: Browse Url](
## Theme
In order to change preview styling, run `M-x customize-option` -> `markdown-preview-style`
and specify a URL to your favourite markdown css file.
## Websocket port
Adjustable by `M-x customize-option` -> `markdown-preview-port`.
## el-get
* `M-x el-get-self-update`
* `M-x el-get-install` -> `markdown-preview-mode`