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Markdown preview mode


Opens a preview in a browser, updated upon buffer save. Same preview window is valid accross multiple mardown buffers.


  • markdown-mode.el
  • websocket.el

Makes use of markdown-mode, which already can transform markdown into html and websocket.el to deliver html to browser.


M-x markdown-preview-mode will open preview in a browser and will start markdown-mode if it's not yet running for current buffer. If you'v closed the preview window, you can start it over with M-x markdown-preview-open-browser. All websockets will be cleaned up on emacs termination. If you'd like to perform cleanup manually run M-x markdown-preview-cleanup.


In order to enable multimarkdown support, customize M-x customize-option -> markdown-command variable. Look for Markdown Command which is set to markdown by default, set to multimarkdown and make sure it's in your PATH.


In order to select prefered browser, customize M-x customize-option -> browse-url-browser-function option. Select your browser from Value menu. If it's not there, follow EmacsWiki: Browse Url.



In order to change preview styling, run M-x customize-option -> markdown-preview-style and specify your favourite markdonw css URI.

Websocket port

Adjustable by M-x customize-option -> markdown-preview-port.

El-get recipe included